Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Amy Welborn isn't the only one!

"Blue's Clues" A special Monday prime-time telecast of three half-hour episodes of the Nickelodeon daytime series, introducing viewers to the new host, averaged 4.6 million viewers. The middle episode scored nearly 5.2 million -- not far short of Ozzy Osbourne's MTV audience last week. The 90-minute "Meet Joe" special was the most watched basic cable program among preschoolers ever -- nearly 2 million viewers were ages 2 to 5.

My 5 year old was asleep, so he didn't get to see it. But he knew all about Steve going to college long before I had any notion changes were happening.

Did anyone ever see the Law and Order where the actor who plays Steve played a creepy psycho killer? I didn't, but I wonder how much therapy it engendered nationwide.


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