Wednesday, May 01, 2002

The Boston Globe, surprisingly, continues to "get it."

The clergy's buried truths

Prevalence of male teenage victims in scandal points to other issues
By Donald Cozzens, 4/28/2002
The church's first step in facing the difficulties in the clergy might well be to address with compassion and sensitivity a reality it wants to deny: Many of its priests and bishops are gay.

Coming to grips with this reality is an important first step to a renewed church and a healthier priesthood.

Once again, the Boston Globe seems to be leading the way on this story, at least among the iberal media, in a way that I never previously expected. "Both pedophilia and ephebophilia are criminal, and in the eyes of most religious traditions, immoral...As the distinction takes hold, it is accompanied by the disturbing realization that most of the reported victims of priest abusers are not children, but teenage boys."

And "Commentators and behavioral specialists stress the absence of any link between sexual orientation, specifically a gay orientation, and the abuse of young children. But given the presence of large numbers of gay men in the priesthood, what is the significance of the disproportionate number of teenage boys among the victims of non-pedophile priest abusers?"

If you've been into the Catholic blogging, you already know most of what's in this. But bear in mind, this is the front page of the Sunday Globe's Focus section, not normally a place where one finds stories of this caliber, and "POV".


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