Sunday, May 26, 2002

I will be back to things more Catholic on Tuesday. I know some regular readers come from Canada, and as far away as Spain and even Japan (and welcome to you, whether Spanish, Japanese, or expatriate American!), and I apologize for going somewhat off-topic. Possibly in the future I will reflect on "God and country"--the manner in which patriotism and religion intermingle and stay separate for me.

In the meanwhile, if you can, please keep the men and women who serve in the American armed forces in your prayers, and ask God to keep them safe and to lead them to victory. Please remember the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, the firemen and police and EMS workers, the passengers and crews of the four airplanes, and the families of all those who died September 11. Please ask God's mercy on the nearly 3,000 civilians, from the United States and more than 80 other nations, who were murdered that day. Pray that God's light will shine on a darkened world.


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