Thursday, May 16, 2002

Today's Opening Hymn is number 43


Ruler of the Hosts of Light

Ruler of the hosts of light,
Death hath yielded to Thy might;
And Thy blood hath marked a road
Which will lead us back to God.

From Thy dwelling place above,
From Thy Father’s throne of love,
With Thy look of mercy bless
Those without Thee comfortless.

Bitter were Thy throes on earth,
Giving to the Church her birth
From the spear wound opening wide
In Thine own life giving side.

Now in glory Thou dost reign
Won by all Thy toil and pain;
Thence the promised Spirit send
While our prayers to Thee ascend.

Jesu, praise to Thee be giv’n
With the Father high in Heav’n;
Holy Spirit, praise to Thee,
Now and through eternity.


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