Saturday, May 11, 2002

X-Rated Advice About Kids and Sex (
"Adults owe children not only protection and a schooling in safety but also the entitlement to pleasure."...That is, the adults who teach the sex education courses Levine likes, but not necessarily parents, who don't count for much..."Laudable protective parental instincts notwithstanding, an intimate consensual sexual relationship, including one between minors, is private business," she states.

Aside from prayer, what is the best method of confronting naked evil of this sort? The falsity of it all! "Laudable protective parental instincts notwithstanding!" Once again, a weakened Church hierarchy that has lost its moral compass stands by unable to call this pernicious, hateful sin by its name. If the gates of Hell are not to withstand us, we had better get our act together fast.

My apologies for the incoherence, but the plain face of Evil staring out of the newspaper tends to get me pretty riled up.


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