Wednesday, July 17, 2002

I have cleaned up my links on the right a little bit. Sadly, Integrity seems to have fallen to intensely sporadic posting, but hasn't had anything on Christifiedles Laici for about a month now. If JACK gets back to it, I'll re-add.

I have added Disputations and Dappled Things, two really good sites. Disputations frequently makes me recognize myself for the poseur I am, and Dappled Things (by Fr. Jim Tucker in VA) is amusing as well as enlightening.

And, sadly, in a few more weeks, Emily Stimpson will be closing up shop, and moving to the Heart, Mind, and Strength blog. It's weird: I like the individual blogs of the people over there, but HMS itself hasn't really grabbed me. Maybe adding Emily's, ahem, *youthful* perspective will liven things up a bit.


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