Thursday, August 22, 2002

Found this at Dappled Things today:

I'm Just an Old Lump of Coal -- ... but I'm gonna be a diamond some day: Now, for a few thousand dollars, you too can have the carbon in your cremated remains subjected to intense pressure and heat and transformed into a brilliant diamond.

... "We're building on the simple fact that all living creatures are carbon-based and diamonds are carbon-based," said Greg Herro, head of LifeGem Memorials. The blue diamonds are the answer to people who think a tombstone or an urn full of ashes is not personal enough. And they are portable, Herro said. ...

Great, now I'm going to get nervous every time Sally calls me her "diamond in the rough."

[I can only imagine the Mafia types lining up to have this done to their enemies. There are so many sick, wrong things with this.]


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