Sunday, August 04, 2002


"Voice of the Faithful" is run by spineless weenies. I cannot, and do not, speak ill of its membership as a whole. I suspect there are many good people mixed up with the rabble rousers who run it. But they have shut down on their discussion boards a thread about a wholly inappropriate speaker at their conference, because the criticism of Dave Alexander was unrelenting. Truthfully, the response is very much like that of the Church to the allegations of priestly abuse. And given the nature of the speaker in question, an advocate of child sexual "education" that is basically abuse named Debra Haffner, eerily parallel.

VOTF's motto is "Keep the faith, change the church!" The general tenor of the group appears to be to turn the Catholic Church in to a version of the Unitarian Church. They appear to want us to be a democracy, because they apparently do not understand the notion that we are guided by the Holy Spirit. They are so hopelessly obsessed with "power" that they sound just like the Cardinals they condemn. Mark Shea keeps comparing them to victims of Stockholm Syndrome, and I think he is right.

I'm not really going to join the battle against them here on any regular sort of basis, since that's not what this site is for. But I have taken the fight to them on their message boards (and they deleted my post) and will continue to do so.


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