Monday, September 16, 2002

And now a word from our Sponsor

Actually, just a brief thank you. Sometime on Saturday, Kairos received its 10,000th visitor. Now, I know 10,000 hits represents a good week for Mark Shea or Kathy Shaidle, and it took Kairos 4 months to get there (partially thanks to the number of times Kathy and Mark have linked to me!), but I am still very pleased with the results. Many of you come every day (and one poor, deluded fellow blogger from Florida visits my page way more often than is justified either by the quality or the quantity of my posts!) and others come once every few days or weeks. If there is a small way in which the writing here helps you get through life, then praise be to God. This page is as much for my own edification as anything else: I often don't know what I mean until I get to the end of an essay, and then I have to go back and fix the beginning. Thank you for putting up with my randomness, emailing me petitions, commenting with good questions and great critiques, and generally helping me muddle through life a little less blindly than before I started this. And thank you most of all for the continuing prayers for Mrs. Kairos Guy.

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