Thursday, September 19, 2002

This is just a question, not an answer

I have worked, as a temp and as a full time employee, in dozens of organizations. (Temping is a great summer job for a college student. The pay is good, and if you don't feel like working today, just don't answer the phone...)

It occurred to me today that, at my present employer, I have gotten to know very few people outside my own department, and that a majority of those people are Catholic. Moreover, the realization dawned that this has been true of most organizations I have worked in.

In the nature of things, I have not worked in places that attract a lot of evangelicals, so the fact that they aren't reaching out is mainly a sign that they aren't especially present.

Is this typical of your experience, and if so, is it because water finds its own level, or because Catholics are putting more effort into the interpersonal aspects of the job, or for some other reason or reasons?


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