Wednesday, October 09, 2002

The 21 stages of Catholic blogging:

1. I HAVE A BLOG! I am soooooooooooooo cool. It’s going to be bigger than the Drudge Report! I will save souls. Many, many souls. “Dear Mark Shea, I have just started a new blog and…” I have so much to say.
2. 42 hits! Four. Tee. Tuuuu. I rock the party!
3. Alright! Somebody emailed me!
4. Hmm. Only 39 hits. “Dear Mom and Dad, You know how you’re always complaining that you don’t know what’s going on in my life? Well, now you can find out by reading my blog!”
5. “I know I promised I wasn’t going to blog ‘the Scandal,’ but..” (but I’m not getting very many hits) “I mean, pedophilia? What were they THINKING?”
6. “Thanks to Judy Blogsalots for the link…” but don’t miss MY unique take on it.
7. “Dear every other blogger whose email I could find, won’t you please link to this exciting commentary on the proper position of the eyelids during the Gospel Acclamation?”
8. Hmm. 36 hits? “Unusual sexual positions!” Hah! That will generate some google searches.
9. “The [check one] heretic/mindless Vatican drone/hateful little b--tard over at ‘Orthoblog’ is completely wrong about the eyelid positioning, and is going to Hell.”
10. “Marty Haugen is [check one] the greatest thing ever to happen to liturgy/the Antichrist/who?”
11. 25 hits. Agony! Self-doubt! Depression. “I’m thinking of shutting down the blog…”
12. Wow! 4 emails threatening suicide and excommunication if I stop! WOOHOO! Now, If I could just get a date with Emily Stimpson and/or Victor Lams
13. “I’ve added this little comments feature…” because none of you morons seem to know how to email me.
14. 76 hits! “Nihil obstat can kiss my dangling participle!”*
15. Hmm. What to write? Hmm.
16. "I'm not doing this for my own good, so I have added a Paypal button/link to my 'book' for sale at Amazon on the righthand column." Fork over. Salvation ain't free, you know!
17. “Dear Mr. Johnstone, The company is very concerned about the decline in your productivity during the 3rd quarter. We expect better during the fourth. Signed, The Boss.”
18. Hmmmmm.
19. “As of today, this blog is finished. I need to spend more time on other projects, and…”
20. “I know I said I was quitting, but…”
21. 36 hits. “I quit.”

(*I have to credit John D. from Disputations with the colorful image in 14.)


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