Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Yes, I am back.

Kairos has returned from an unannounced hiatus. I have been trying to figure out what had gone wrong; blogging had begun to affect adversely my prayer life, which, when I first started, it had helped tremendously. So, a few changes are in order. First, I will soon be deleting the comments section, as soon as I can figure out how to archive the old ones. Readers have been extraordinarily civil in them, but they have taken on a disproportionate importance to me, and so they must go. If you have something to say, email it.

Second, I will be ditching the Bravenet stats. It's fun to know how many and who, but also, disproportionately important.

Third, I will probably not be posting every weekday. The temptation to talk about the negative things in life is much stronger when I feel an external pressure to say something every day. My guess is, I will still post most days, often more than once.

Finally, I ask you to encourage me from time to time. I'm taking away the two most obvious ways (stats and comments) of seeing whether I have succeeded in explaining a difficult idea or helping you with a doctrine, or just plain been entertaining. All these things are important to me, and will remain so. My hope is only that they will be restored to their proper importance. But that puts a burden on you, Gentle Reader, to let me know these things directly once in a while, rather than relying on electronic surveillance to do the trick.

Finally, sometime after the first of the year, I will be restructuring my life. This may lead to further changes in Kairos. So, please keep me and my family in your prayers, as we get ready for a major, major shift in how we live.


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