Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Now that Ashley Bambi (or whatever her name on fox news is) no longer braves the Afghan Winter to bring us the latest update from the assault by the Northern Alliance on the gates of some city that no one ever heard of but that appeared to have strategic signficance;

Now that Geraldo no longer stands in front of a blue screen pretending to be on a battlefield;

Now that the Taliban is non-existant;

What on earth is going on in Afghanistan? Has anyone else noticed an almost total lack of news from there? Are we doing what we are obliged to, helping rebuild it, that the Taliban might never rise again? Were our promises to the people of Afghanistan well-meant, but no longer binding, or are we doing it and the reporters just don't care?

We did a necessary thing, in our own and the Afghans interest, in destroying the Taliban. But if we do not honor our promises, if we abandon the people of Afghanistan to the tribalism and warfare that has plagued it since 1980, it will be a horrid stain on our honor.


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