Thursday, November 14, 2002

Tom Daschle is an odious weasel

All right, I'll rephrase: Tom Daschle says things that make him sound like an odious weasel. But this kind of shameless crap makes me really mad. Where was he on this a week ago, when we were holding an election? Now that he's on his way out he's suddenly found the courage to speak out?

Daschle Doubts Terror War's Progress ( "We can't find bin Laden, we haven't made real progress" in finding key elements of al-Qaeda," the South Dakotan said. "They continue to be as great a threat today as they were one and a half years ago. So by what measure can we claim to be successful so far?"

Well, gee, Tom, let's see? There have been half a dozen plots disrupted. There's a guy named Jose Padilla in a cage somewhere who would possibly have blown up some Cesium or spent Uranium a couple months back. Bin Laden is at the very best weak enough and sick enough that he dursen't appear on video. A number of major players in al-Qaeda are dead or in custody. Afghanistan, though not finished and in need of mega financial help from (hmm? can't seem to remember which branch of government appropriates money...) us, is no longer a wholly-owned subsidiary of al-Qaeda. The terrorists have spent a lot more time playing defense in the past 12 months than in the previous 8 years.

Now, how's that Homeland Security Bill coming along? You get approval from AFL-CIO headquarters yet to sign off on it?


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