Friday, November 22, 2002 Iran

How is anyone in the State Department going to know to help the people of Iran if the Washington Post's coverage is so lame as to virtually ignore what is going on there? I realize that student protests in a foreign country aren't as sexy as getting ready to bomb the bejeebers out of someone, but dammit, THIS IS IMPORTANT.

So what do we get?

A picture of a staged rally 9 months old, with the following caption:
"Iranian clerics look at Iranian youths holding up an effigy of US President George W. Bush at an anti-US demonstration during held in Tehran to mark the 23rd anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution. (Atta Kenare - AFP)"

Folks, here's the deal: The people of Iran are trying to liberate themselves. The State Department meanwhile has cut off funding for the Farsi version of the Voice of America, and is replacing it with a pop music channel with "light news" (or something) scattered in. And the Washington Post chooses to show us mullah-sponsored propaganda as the face of Iran. They need our help, and we are not giving it.


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