Friday, December 27, 2002

I'm not really blogging right now (in fact, I'll be far from the internet in a couple of hours) but I just HAD to point this out. It's seems Knee Hill Stand Off not only is pedantic, he isn't very clever. In this post, he accuses me of a broken link. Now, while I freely admit the link he refers to (in this post) is broken. But, it was no accident. and he appears not to have noticed. Heh heh. (Once again, typos in this post are deliberate.)

UPDATE: Ok, nihil obstat actually does have a sense of humor. That's actually pretty funny. However, my lawyers will be contacting him for identity theft. Now, if only he weren't so friendless that he had nothing better to do over the holidays. Unlike those of us who were with family and friends, and left the computer off for a while. (And, lest all of you worry, one of my new years' resolutions will be to ignore him and drop all this. So I have to get a few things in under the wire.)


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