Monday, December 09, 2002

Living here in Boston, seeing each morning new shocks and new scandals on the frontpage of the Globe, listening, as last night, to yet another homily by a good priest as horrified as the rest of us, I can see one reason, and one reason only, to leave Law in place.

Law is undergoing a penance. Until the last "revelation" has been set forth in the newspaper; Until the last lawsuit has been filed; until the last priest has been removed: Why would you remove Law? To bring in a new bishop while still more information lurks in the files of the Archdiocese will only serve to undercut the new man, and it would remove the millstone Law selected for his own neck many years ago.

I do not wish to speak disrespectfully of him. God send that my own weaknesses, failings and evildoings may never receive the public scrutiny that his have. I presume that his continued presence serves a purpose, and am content in that. I do not attend Mass or receive the sacraments because of my bishop, however flawed, however holy. With the Blessing, others who have bishops who appear holier will focus on their own, and less on mine.

Addenda: I say I can see only one reason. But I don't have the whole universe and all of time in my field of vision. the person in charge does. My personal desires are neither here nor there.


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