Friday, January 31, 2003

“Retirement” Update

In the past 10 days I have been offered 4 jobs, one of which I felt compelled to accept. It is *extremely* part time, and temporary, and I have no idea how much in the end I will be paid. But it will at least set me in good stead with the person who gets to decide how long we get to stay in our cushy housing. The other offers were a bit different, with one trustee at a school trying to recruit me to take a job in fundraising, which I want to be done with, and a couple of "be my sales rep up there" kinds of things from alumni of my former employer. I guess it is nice to be wanted, but still...

I also got roped into doing a prayer service, as I think I mentioned a few days ago. I'm not super impressed with the retreat format, so I have to be careful about how I approach what I'm doing. Since there are at least a couple of people who read this blog occasionally who attend the university where I work, I will say very little that might identify the retreat. But I am going heavy on scripture in the prayer service, as a means of balancing the Kumbaya nature of the thing. (As a joke, I almost picked Kumbaya as today's hymn, but I decided that ironic liturgical music would pretty much mark the end of my ability to limit irony to some portions of my life only, and thereby guarantee a final destination somewhat warmer than hoped.) As of right now, I do not have to run the blessed thing, but that could change as late as 5pm today.


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