Thursday, February 27, 2003

The Kairos Guy recommends....

A new feature here at Kairos (and occasionaly at the cookbook, perhaps) will be wine recommendations. I'm hoping in my freelance writing career to add "wine writer" to the repertoire, so I'm going to start practicing here. (I will try to avoid too much wine snot jargon, but it's really not possible to describe a bottle without at least a few jargon words.)

This week, I'm recommending Brancott Vineyards (NZ) 2001 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. I know, I know--recommending New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is about as risky as betting on the (evil) Yankees to make the (f---ing) Playoffs. But, this one is very light and crisp, with a nice finish, and a pleasant acidity that stops at your esophagus, and it is about $10/bottle in most places. They also offer a 2001 Reserve for about $15 that is really outstanding, but it is harder to come by.


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