Monday, February 10, 2003

Something I wrote in the wee hours of the morning, after spending several hours working on "Henry V" for my new job

The Homeland Security threat level stands tonight at Orange--a fearsome level indeed--and I struggle with the decency of prayer. It is not that in general I find prayer during danger indecent. It is that my prayer life has been sadly in decline the last few months, and I wonder at the decency of restarting or regenerating it under such a threat. My resolve is to set such qualms aside, and marvel at a God that will have me even on such terms as these.

In any case, possibly danger is sent to remind us to pray (I will not say, to remind me to pray). Apposite that, it can be but little other than Pride that would say, "though I need Your help, I will not ask, lest you think me uncouth or ill-bred." My constancy is not all I could wish, but I cannot see it improving by a refusal to pray, in circumstances in which prayer is absolutely necessary. (Are there any others?)

"Henry V" and "Patton" have set my mind spinning over the value of war. I still believe that it will be to the good of Iraq, the US, and the world in general if that evil ------ in Baghdad is removed or put down. (And so much conversation about the war seems to assume that evil without ever considering it!) But Harry's eve of battle wanderings through the camp, and Patton's decrial of "push-button warfare" offer me little comfort and much in the way of doubt, confusion and anxiety. And so, child that I am, all too willing to venture out alone in the sunshine, run home to other's skirts at the sound of approaching thunder. I will pray.

How close will the lightning strike, I wonder?


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