Thursday, March 27, 2003

Thursday is Winesday….

Yes, this week I am writing about a French wine. Blah, blah liberty toast. Yadda freedom Fries. French wine producers got their money months or even years ago, and the only people who will lose money if I boycot French wines is my local wine guy. Meanwhile, I am going to do diddly squaddoosh to the French economy by not drinking their wine. Want to do something meaningful and tangible to France? Convince whatever airlines survive the next year or two to buy Boeing aircraft, instead of Airbus. Heck, no less a person than Admiral Nelson didn’t let outright war with France interfere with his enjoyment of a nice glass of claret. Who am I to quibble with the Lion of Trafalgar?

This week, the Kairos Guy recommends without reservation…Domaine de l’Aumonier Touraine Sauvignon Blanc ($8-10) Where some Sauvignon Blanc tends to have a strong “herb” or “grass” bouquet, this one offers light smells of the countryside or a farm stand in autumn, but doesn’t overwhelm—or especially impress. But the first mouthful more than makes up for its understated nose. Its crisp acidity and fairly dry flavor are surprisingly buttery: that’s the only word for it. The sharpness and light body give it a hint of granny smith apples, and the fermentation process left just the tiniest bit of effervescence in the wine, that gives it a bit more complex a finish than a lot of Sauvignon. It also lacks the Chardonnay-style oaking that many American producers have been using. I don’t have any numbers on total production or cases imported, but I have found this wine at several large and small Boston-area wine merchants, and so conclude it is pretty widely available. The Touraine region (in the Loire Valley) has produced another winner: an excellent value that is drinkable now, and will be extremely enjoyable in the July and August heat.


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