Tuesday, May 13, 2003

You know what makes me mad at God? the fact that "being a Christian is hard work, and that God intends it to be that way for almost everyone," is not true.

1/4 to 1/3 of all pregnancies result in miscarriages. Some larger number of fertilized eggs apparently never implant. Historically, (and in many parts of the world still) infant and childhood mortality rates meant a large number of live births never resulted in an adult who could be called to account for his or her action or inaction. The overhelming majority of the human race has never had to confront its broken nature, nor do the hard work of accepting sometimes seemingly fleetingly offered help. Most of the people God has invested with life have taken the express lane to the Beatific Vision, while I'm stuck in traffic, with the gas gauge riding the "E", radiator fluid cascading onto the pavement, and a cop who never learned how to manage traffic, directing the flow of cars at the head of the line.

Of course, maybe if I took my car in for scheduled maintenance now and again...


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