Friday, July 25, 2003

If I slide back in...

Will anyone care, or notice? I've been gone so long, I forgot my username on the bravenet stats, and hadn't even realized that they changed the format of them to a much less useful version.

So, what do I think? Well, here are a few things, in no particular order.

1) If a baseball team, per se, can be damned (without that damnation affecting the individual members of the club) then the Yankees ought to be. Pedro Martinez has given up about 6 earned runs to the Yanks this year, and has beaten them only once, I think. Ugh.

2) The Democrats are making fools, absolute fools, out of themselves over this Uranium thing. They clearly have lost all sense of how to conduct moral reasoning. The moral case for war never, ever hung on the purchase of uranium, and the absolute worst thing you can say about the President is that he took something of doubtful, but not definitely false, provenance, and gave it too much play. But the Brits stand by their intelligence, and it's hardly unknown for MI6 and CIA to disagree on things. But in any case, the WMDs question is much more difficult than did or did not Saddam attempt to buy some Uranium. Even the Big Creep himself the other day said that this is no big deal, and he has hardly been shy about criticizing his successor. You can build a good case that the wMD thing was not a good moral reason for going to war (though as "Realpolitik" it's pretty hard to fault) but they are shooting their wad on it 13 months before the election, and merely riling up the Howard Dean voters, who are never going to be a big enough bloc to defeat W.

3) I still have made no progress whatsoever on either my novel or my screenplay. Been too darn busy working on the curriculum stuff. Any of you ever go see "Holes"? What did you think?

4) I spent part of last week in Vermont, helping my uncle-in-law build a house. Every time I do stuff like that, I regret that my parents weren't hearing me when I said that I wanted to take a year off before college and go to trade school or apprentice with someone.

5) The other half I spent at the Dayton airshow, with my AF buddy back from CENTCOM. It's sad that he and I have seen the Thunderbirds and Blue angels enough to be able to critique their shows.

6) We are into the final stretch (ha ha) with the baby. (That "ha ha" is for the play on "stretch marks," for those of you who haven't had the joy of newborns recently.)

7) I am absolutely loving the cookbook that goes with "Michael Chiarello's Napa" series. I bought it a few weeks ago, and none of the recipes have failed me yet.

8) Someday I may post more on wine. But I've mostly been drinking old standbys lately, though I should mention that I am a convert to Proseco. Run, don't walk, to your nearest Trader Joe's and get the $5.99 bottle they sell. And then serve it with a nice shrimp cocktail or crabcake recipe.

9) I just read "Evangelical is not enough" before giving it to an RC friend who has been going Evangelical for the last few years. Like most cradle Catholics, I learn a lot even in the remedial classes, and this book clarified a lot of things. Thanks to Emily Stimpson for recommending it.

I am sure I will have more thoughts at some point, and I may even post some of them. (Insert smartalek joke here.) So, feel free to keep on checking in.

By the way, there's a Boston Catholic blogger gathering that is tentatively supposed to occur during a bog to do in Salem on (I think) August 9. Anyone from elsewhere in the country who has occasion to be in New England then should check Dom Bettinelli's page, since it is his parish that is coincidentally hosting a picnic that day, which others will be horning in on.


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