Tuesday, August 05, 2003

So far as I can tell (from the papers; a risky source admittedly), this Episcopal Bishop-elect is chiefly qualified for his bishopric because of his homosexuality. All his defenders talk about the importance of his appointment because of the "message" of "inclusion" and "tolerance" that it sends. The thing that most appalls me about it is not his homosexuality, but the fact that he was married and had children, and then abandoned them (whether by their blessing or no, abandon them he did ) in the name of self. I don't care whether he loves his partner, or how long they have been together; it is irrelevant. He made public vows that were either dishonest when he made them, or that he later decided were not binding. That may be a cause for compassion and charity, and an occassion for forgiveness, but it ought also to be disqualification from episcopal office. What reason has anyone to believe that he will not at some point decide that the Resurrection is merely a symbol of what will happen to our spiritual selves if only we follow Christ's message of "tolerance" and "social justice"?


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