Monday, July 29, 2002

"Challenge the Church" and "Alternative World Youth Day"
(the thing that fizzled)

My favorite part is this:
The "Pope-mania" that surrounds this event is something with which many Catholics have problems. "The Catholic Church’s teachings call for justice for the poor as a priority for both church and state" says Gwyneth Lonergan, a University of Toronto student and member of Challenge the Church. “I’m shocked the Vatican wants to pay for the Pope’s visit with funds that could be used to relieve homelessness.”

And, now, to Holy scripture (as put to a meter by Tim Rice, of all people):

"Woman your fine ointments
brand new and expensive
should have been saved for the poor
Why have they been wasted?
we could have raised maybe
300 silver pieces or more.
People who are hungry,
people who are starving
matter more than your feet and head!"

--Judas Iscariot

Interesting, eh?


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