Thursday, August 29, 2002

But one last thought...

One last thought. Greg Popcak ("Pop Daddy" to us in the know) thinks we should all shake hands before Mass.

It will come as no surprise, therefore, to realize that Greg is a psychotherapist, and therefore not qualified to speak on what we should or should not like. My friend at Disputations calls the idea that we should like it "cant." I disagree. It is "Kant." Forced handshaking and forced handholding (as well as the priests who badger people to sitting up front) are signs that people are universalizing their maxims again. "It is good (for me) to shake hands before Mass/hold hands/sit up front; therefore everyone must shake hands."

Those of us at the INTP end of the scale need at least 3 empty seats in every direction to be able to focus on the Liturgy, and not worry about people invading our personal space. We don't talk to people on planes or trains, and "working the room" is about as painful an experience as you can imagine. Leave us alone. You don't make us more Christian by doing this. Only more agoraphobic.


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