Friday, August 16, 2002

We're taking a little time away this weekend, it looks like. So this is it until Monday.

A few books I forgot to mention: Anything by Chesterton, but read the comments on the previous book post to see why that was deliberate, not accidental. Also covers what I dislike about Malcolm Muggeridge.

Lincoln at Gettsyburg by Garry Wills. Yeah, I know. But this is a tremendous book, and worth reading in the present world.

Huck Finn, by Mark Twain. A great but flawed book about people and how they are.

Abandonment to divine Providence by Cassaude (I think). Hard to read in a few sections, and I don't totally agree with it. But it is a GREAT starting point for thinking about how to live in the moment.

I've got some interesting stuff brewing for next week, so check back Monday.


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