Thursday, October 10, 2002

You might be a Catholic blogger if…

You have a PayPal account but have never been to eBay.
You didn’t know the word ephebophilia 8 months ago but consider yourself an expert on the subject now.
The words “liturgical norms” in bold face type make your palms sweat and your pupils narrow.
You have bookmarked comments.
You realize that “Flos Carmeli” is not what Italians do after eating candied apples.
You have more serious arguments with people you’ve never met than with anyone you know in person.
You would give up a major organ for a mention in “The Corner.”
You don’t like Andrew Sullivan but pester him in the hopes he will publicly take notice of your pestering.
You can say without thinking who uses the phrase “You are one with my blog.”
You have ever given serious thought to asking Shawn O’Neal to conduct an email or chatroom confession for you.
You’ve ever wanted to punch Jody, Justin Katz, Josh Claybourn or the Americanist in the nose.
You know who all the people in the last two are.
You’ve ever done a google search for “socratic cave baseball” to see where you rank on the list.
You are the only TRUE Catholic you know.
You know who “Joseph” is, and his age in months.
You have ever sent an email to 15 complete strangers asking them to comment on your opinions.
You have used the words “post conciliar church” in the same sentence more than once this year.
A calendar of “The Girls [or Boys] of St. Blog’s” sounds like a fabulous idea.
You have programmed EWTN into the “speed dial” buttons on your cable remote.
You have called your local cable company and said “I want my EWTN!”
“Booster” and “Reeves” make you giggle.
You know there’s a person called “Nihil Obstat” but you don’t know why.
“Lady Wimsey” is not a character from some 19th century chick novel.
“Strength, Pride and Strength” radio kicks “Heart, Mind and Strength” radio’s chasuble.
You have tried to order Pop Daddy’s “Gregorian Rap” at a record store, and run out giggling.
You own any book by Mark Shea or Greg Popcak.


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