Monday, November 25, 2002

The Fighting Papists of St. Blog's

I've just spent some time looking in the comments boxes on Amy Welborn's and a few other blogs. I have had a realization. St. Blog's has become a sports talk radio station, where the "sport" is the Church.

Ugh. I used to enjoy Rod Dreher, even when I disagreed with him. But now when I see his name I just cuh-ringe. But he's like "Larry on the car phone" on the show. Every time the host says "Let's go to Rod from Brooklyn," you just know that the volume level is going to go up.

At least I've thought of a team nickname, for the sports radio types to use: The Fighting Papists of St. Blog's. Go, Papists!

Now, what colors will the uniforms be?


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