Thursday, December 05, 2002

A Child This Day Is Born

[There are a dozen more verses to this hymn. Click the link
if you want to see the whole thing.]

A Child this day is born,
A Child of high renown.
Most worthy of a scepter,
A scepter and a crown.


Noëls, noëls, noëls,
Noëls sing all we may,
Because the King of all kings
Was born this blessèd day.

The which the holy prophets
Spoke of long time before,
That from the fall of Adam
He should us all restore.


This Child both God and Man
From Heaven down to us came,
He is the King of all Kings,
And Jesus is His Name.


These tidings Shepherds heard
In their field watching their fold,
Was by an angel unto them
That night revealed and told.



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