Friday, January 10, 2003

Payback in Judges (

You have to hand it to President Bush and his judge-pickers.

They understand the power of the judiciary to shape American political life for years to come. They brazenly use their executive authority to fill the courts with their allies. Then they attack, attack and attack again when opposition senators dare invoke their own constitutional power to slow a juggernaut...

Riiiiight, EJ. The Republicans just discovered, completely on their own, that the unelected judiciary is a place where mischief can occur. And they surely are the only ones in Washington who have an agenda in that regard. And they started the whole fight. Gosh, if only a few Democrats could be found, willing to put some of *their* allies on the bench.

Thanks a lot, EJ. Now I have to go to Confession this week, because of the mortal sins I commit after reading your columns.


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