Friday, January 17, 2003

Seeking Input

I know I have mentioned at times that my family and I live in a college dorm. It is in many ways a desirable arrangement, but in others, a somewhat challenging place to be with small children—almost a missionary activity in some ways.

The college at which I live, like many others, offers a fair amount of “theme housing” choices: floors and buildings that have an organizing principle of one kind or another. There are language-based, ethnically based, sex-based (not gender, by the way: sex) choices. There are even, scattered in different dorms “healthy living” environments. (Set aside whatever quibbles you have with them; they are no doubt valid, but not essential to my main point.)

Should we stay for the next couple of years, it is likely that I will become the proctor, replacing Mrs. Kairos Guy in title if not in all aspects of the job. I am giving serious consideration, if that happens, to submitting a proposal for the creation of a “Virtuous Living” arrangement in some portion of the dorm. The idea would be to construct a code of conduct for that hallway that would explicitly and implicitly reflect at least the four cardinal virtues, and some form of the theological ones (at least Caritas), as well as many lesser ones.

Now I’m looking for your input, as to how that could be done on the campus of a major international university with all that that implies in terms of left-wing ideology and political correctness.


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