Thursday, January 16, 2003

Would you use an immoral means to save your life?

Would you push a friend in front of a bullet meant for you?
Would you push someone you didn't like in front of that bullet?
Would you push a stranger in front of it?
Would you buy a kidney from a Chinese company that sells the organs of executed prisoners?
Would you betray your country to protect yourself?
Would you deny your faith in God, or allow your spouse to be raped, to save yourself?

Would you do any of these things to save your wife or husband? To save your child? To save your friend? To save a stranger?

There is a day coming, I fear, when your answer will determine whether to accept treamtent at all for many diseases, or at least to limit severely what treatments you can consider. There are already some "routine" options provided to you that are not morally licit, but you probably don't know about them, and won't until you are in the ER, and then you won't know whether the treatment is acceptable or not.


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