Friday, January 03, 2003

So, my plan

So, here's "the plan" I've been vaguely referring to for the past several months. 3 weeks from today, I get my last steady paycheck. I have quit my regular job in the hopes of, first, being more and better “Dad,” (and consequently, doing much more of the running of the household) and, second, making my living via the written word. (Insert ribald/obnoxious/rude comment here.)

My plan is to do some freelance writing and editing for a few folks I know who may be able to supply me with a couple of bucks here and there, while perhaps turning some of the kinds of things I do on this blog into articles for Catholic publications. I also have a couple of larger projects that have been on the back burner for quite a long time, which I hope to make significant headway on, if not finish before the next kneebiter arrives in the Kairos Guy household.

The plan evolved with the realization that, once you have more than one child, there is very little fiscal sense in being a two-earner family. One income goes essentially to pay the expenses of earning it, meanwhile depriving the children of proper parenting. If we could have managed things fiscally when the first lad came along, we would have had Mrs. K-G stay home far longer than she did.

My hope in the near term is to be able to continue living the college dorm life for a while, either at the place we are now, or at another school, for the next several years. Possibly, in that time I will also undertake to get some sort of graduate degree in theology or otherwise, but that is a decision for another day.

In the French Navy, during the age of sail, the command to tack the ship was given “a-Dieu va!” which I am led to understand means something like “we must chance it and trust to God.” It seems like good advice for a course change, and so we are following it.


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