Monday, March 31, 2003

Uh oh

Greg had to go and agree with me, which clearly means I need to rethink what I wrote. (Just kidding, Pop Daddy!)

But, actually, since he and I *do* disagree about some things related to this, let me say what they are by amending my "what I want" post about Bishops with a few words about the rest of us.

Just because I want my bishops to be one way, does not give me permission to speak loudly and negatively about them personally for their perceived failings. Nor should I (or you) start down the path of "squandered moral authority," or at least get too far down it. The problem is, I want certain things in a bishop, but I am not entitled to wait until I get all, or even most, of those things before I start heeding my bishop. I may have reason to do other than what the Church (and my local bishop) teach, but the reasons need to be more substantive than "because he's a twit, a fact about which I remind you every week." He may be a twit indeed, but he is still the twit the Holy Spirit has seen fit to give me, for reasons that may not have anything to do with my particular desires, however just or fair those desires may be.

In fairness to "la Popcak," I think he would agree with what I just wrote, except that he would see public invection against the twit in question as a permissible corrective, where I am a great deal more cautious. Please check the comments box later for what I expect will be comments/disagreements/corrections/swear words from Greg.


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