Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Things I have learned

If I don't go to Mass, I don't want to go. Even if I miss it for perfectly good reasons (pretty much the only time I miss it these days), I find myself looking for reasons not to go the next week. Possibly this is why some people get into the daily Mass thing.

There is no point in joining a religion that is "easier."

I have an overdeveloped sense of Justice and an underdeveloped sense of Humility.

I use the first person pronoun far too often. The few times I have ever managed to act rightly in a wholly disinterested manner invariably ended with an overwhelming desire to tell of it.

I don't listen very well. I talk too much.

I will probably be okay as long as I don't stop trying. Not trying anymore is the one temptation that faces me more or less every morning.

There is no frustration in life greater than seeing the characteristics of yourself you dislike most, but have had little or no success changing, appear in your child.


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