Thursday, April 03, 2003

Thursday is Winesday

Another Italian red this week, tasted at Best Cellars (which is a chain that delivers in many parts of the country), Flaio 2001 Primitivo ($7.50). Primitivo is genetically very similar to the zinfandel grape, and this one tastes it. (Another Primitivo I tried tasted more like an Oz Shiraz.) It was nicely fruity, with a bit of roughness in the tannins, so it caused a bit of pucker, but it had a classic Zinfandel "jammy" taste, couple with the somewhat rougher edges that is so enjoyable in many Italian wines. This wine would not compete very well with spicy mexican or Thai food, but would be great with a mild red sauce and about a pound of dark chocolate after. At $7.50/bottle, you really ought to stock up--especially if your wine store gives the case discount!


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