Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I would also like your prayers. I have been contemplating for a couple of years now on the prospect of becoming a Permanent Deacon. The Boston archidiocese starts a new class every even numbered year, and the admissions process begins this fall. When I went to the meeting two years ago (the first year in which I was old enough to apply), they basically told me to get lost (very politely) because I was too young. (As an aside: I have never understood the point of setting admissions requirements and then not following them. If I am too young, then RAISE THE FREAKING AGE REQUIREMENT. Don't waste my time at a meeting and with a lot of earnest advice seeking from friends, only to tell me, "See you in a few years, kid.") As it happens, I am less certain that I will apply in this go-around, with a new baby on the way and our near-term circumstances a bit up in the air, but I am beginning to contemplate on it again. (Tom suggested I may not ever want to be a Deacon. He thinks the pastoral counseling aspect will cause me to commit more than a few mortal sins. He may be right.)


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