Tuesday, June 03, 2003

You might notice that today I have returned to my older format of posting intentions and a hymn. I hope to resume this on a more regular basis in the next few weeks. I have begun to wind down my time at the movie company. Though we haven't set an exact end date just yet, it looks like by the end of June I will be at home a great deal more, and working for them (at least in their office space) a great deal less. This is basically a good thing, though I confess to some trepidation--now that I have taken the step--at the thought that my income will be much more sporadic. When I quit my regular job in January, I was excited and ready. B ut the ease with which I fell into the temporary arrangement now ending has made me fat and complacent once again. Since the work may not dry up completely, I'm not completely sweating bullets. But I am not entirely aboard with the plan again yet, either.


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