Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Pop Daddy is in the House

I have a special communication from Greg Popcak, MCSW, KC OBE, VC, and LMNOP:

"Ave Maria Radio has a chance to be carried on the XM Satellite Network. They are currently considering our proposal and things look good.

We are attempting to get St Blog's to help us out by publicizing our petition drive to get Ave Maria on XM. I would really appreciate if you could spread the word, especially by asking your blog readers (and anyone else you know in the real or virtual world) to complete our e-petition. There is no commitment to purchase XM equipment. This is just about asking them to carry Catholic Radio."

I have tuned into his radio show occasionally (via the web) and it's really much better than his blogging. (Sorry, Greg. You knew I'd get a dig in, right? Long time readers know that Pop Daddy and I sometimes get into rather heated brawls...)


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