Wednesday, September 17, 2003

JohnDistinction fades between 'legal' and 'illegal' immigrant

I'm in favor of vigorous immigration laws, and of enforcing them. I'm opposed to many of the kinds of steps others advocate, like putting water stations in the desert, because I think people know the risks when they break the law.

But just once, I would like to hear one of these guys who writes op-eds saying "illegals are illegal" acknowledge that illegal immigrants are also people and, in large numbers, ridiculously exploited and frequently cheated. I'd also like to hear an acknowledgement that our economy creates perverse incentives to illegal immigration, and I'd like to know how many Op-Ed writers have ever bothered to find out if the person cleaning out the wastebins in the offices of Right-wing pundits is here legally, and if not, what they have done about it by reporting the cleaning contractors, who derive notorious and immoral profit from the exploitation of illegal immigrants. It always and everywhere seems to be "government policy" that is to blame, not the actions of me, sitting at my desk, hiring the cheapest cleaning company, or the housing contractor with the lowest overhead, or patronizing the fancy restaurant with all the Spanish-speaking bus staff. Nope, it must be government's fault.


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