Thursday, May 02, 2002

"I wish I did zero in on it more"

McCormack regrets overlooking Rev. Shanley's deviant views
Union Leader Staff

Manchester Bishop John B. McCormack yesterday said he regrets not picking up on former Boston priest Paul R. Shanley’s deviant views on adult-child sex, but didn’t think Shanley meant what he said nor would ever act on it.
“I wish I did zero in on it more,” McCormack said about a 1985 speech on homosexuality in which Shanley was quoted as saying children seduce adults into having sex with them.
“But, at the time, Paul was known as one who would push the envelope and kind of make statements that were in some ways extreme. But I never thought he believed it or he would practice it,” McCormack added.

This is the most appalling story I have read to date. Halfway down, we learn "Shanley went on sick leave from the Newton, Mass., parish in 1990 because of problems with his allergies and his refusal to take an oath to be faithful to church teachings then required by the Holy See, McCormack said."

So, the "priest" won't promise to teach what the Church teaches, and the solution is SICK LEAVE? In a new diocese, where he continues to ACT AS A PRIEST?

Other shockers: "McCormack had been a priest at the parish at the same time as Birmingham, who died in 1989. He told the parent who approached him about Birmingham to report it to the pastor...
But Birmingham was transferred to other parishes and was eventually made a pastor in 1985 after McCormack was secretary for ministerial personnel. Asked why he didn’t do anything to stop Birmingham then, McCormack said: 'I’ve asked myself that question. The one thing I can say is that I had thought he had stopped . . . his behavior or he wouldn’t have continued that far,' he said."

McCormack's lies are so hapless, that, even if true, they would require him to resign on grounds of obvious incompetency. He ought not only be fired, but skinned as well. It is pathetic in the extreme that he believes pleading rank stupidity will save his job. Who is attempting to dupe whom, "Bishop"?


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