Friday, January 17, 2003

Every time I think I can understand the comparatively low number of black head coaches in the NFL in a way that does not impute at least some form of racial prejudice to team owners, one of them goes and blows up my theory. Jack Del Rio was a fine player, and a fine coordinator, and I'm sure he's well suited to coach the Jaguars next year. But, once the "former head coach" requirement goes out the window, how does Wayne Weaver not interview Terry Robiskie or Sherman Lewis? And for that matter, how does Art Shell not get a call during the "former head coach" phase of things? It's great that Denny Green got invited, but he couldn't have been a serious candidate, because he's just like Coughlin when it comes to control-freakiness, and that was ruled out a while ago. Don't tell me he's been out of the game: what's Parcells been doing recently? I really, really, really hate suggesting racism where I don't know the people involved well enough to say it's there, but at some point one has to look at actions and recognize that something is amiss.


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