Monday, January 13, 2003

Let's see:
The former president had a bit of an honesty problem, and left office under something of a cloud.
The current president ran as an outsider, having been an undistinguished governor of a Southern state.
The federal government has added cabinet-level agencies and grown at a rate not seen in decades.
Investor confidence is extraordinarily low.
Gas prices are creeping up.
The economy after a multi-year "Go-go" boom, has had a very hard time staying out of a major bust.
War in the Middle East seems very likely, with the Syrians and Israelis looking down some very large gun barrels at each other.
The Korean peninsula threatens to lead to wide scale war.
France thinks the best way to deal with Middle Eastern despots is to stick its head in the sand and wag its collective finger at the US.
Bell bottoms and ugly plaids and browns are fashionable, along with blue eyeshadow and scruffy mens' haircuts.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is conclusive. The Seventies have returned.

The horror. The horror.

(For the record: if President Bush uses the word "malaise" in any way--other than by mistake as a condiment--I am taking advantage of my dual nationality to move to Ireland.)


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