Thursday, March 06, 2003

So, where have I been?

Well, first I was on vacation, then I kind of accidentally took a new job. Well, it's not really a job, in the sense that I am technically a contractor, and made it clear that my first priority was the family, and now that I have the new computer, I can work from home 2-3 days/week, and I kind of go when I want, and come home when I want. And the money is pretty good, especially considering the flexibility. What am I doing? I'm editing content for a book and website that is intended to help teachers use film in the classroom. On the whole, I'm pretty excited, but it has kind of killed my short term plan of cooking classes and housework while I polish some pieces for publication. But in another month the pace should slow down again and I should be able to get back to blogging more frequently, and get caught up on lying around.


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