Friday, September 05, 2003

One of the things that disturbs me most about college students is their concern with "perception." How I, as recipient, perceive what you, as speaker, are saying is (to the college student's mind) of equal or even greater weight than what you are saying or attempting to say. (Astute readers will recognize the ugliness of deconstructionism here.) It doesn't seem to occur to them to ask first if what I am saying is "true" or "false." It is perhaps the most selfish thing about them, and the thing I will battle most often. It allows students complete freedom from obligation, for if MY perception has the same or greater weight than YOUR speech, then I need not reign in my animal passions and emotions (and hence, may commit the sin of gluttony, a crime against temperance). But the logical conclusion of such thinking is anarchy and chaos, and they don't see it when you try to point it out.


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