Thursday, October 02, 2003

Richard Cohen has worked himself into another frenzy. Oozing Hypocrisy Over a Leak contains a number of typically smarmy statements, which inspired me to email him a smarmy reply, to wit:


You wrote, in regards to a special prosecutor: "I suggest Bill Clinton."

Possibly, you are unaware, but Bill Clinton would be inelligible for such a posting, as he was disbarred by the US Supreme Court Bar Association, and "voluntarily" surrendered his law license. You may also be unaware that this occurred because he committed at least one federal crime, perjury, and was credibly accused of others.

I am, however, surprised you didn't know, as it was in all the papers. Even yours.

[The Kairos Guy]

I shouldn't oughta have done it, but once in a while I have to vent these things, or I start to listen to the voices that suggest it's time to clean the guns.

Maybe I should go all Popcak on him, and get you guys to fax the Post, and email the Post, and phonecall the Post, with identical copies of the letter. 13-16 letters, one from each of my dedicated readers, would surely do the trick, right?


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