Thursday, March 06, 2003

But I did promise a wine review...

The Kairos Guy Recommends....

Actually, in the case of this week's wine, I only partially recommend. Louis Latour 2000 Pinot Noir is pleasant but uninspiring. The ruby color is pleasing, but a shade or two lighter than one expects, and positively inhaling over the glass results in only a vaguely "red wine" smell--not at all the bouquet one looks for. It's best attribute is its ripe fruitiness: it tastes like Pinot Noir grapes, and it has a little bit of earthiness, and that flavor wine people call "blackberry undertones," which really does taste a little like blackberries once you discover it. Its tannins (the thing in cheap Cabernet that makes your mouth pucker like Sylvester the Cat eating a box of alum) are not overwhelming, but they also are weak enough that this wine wouldn't hold up in the bottle for more than another year or so. If I were using the Wine Spectator 100 point scale, I don't think I would give this more than an 83.


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