Monday, September 08, 2003

Yesterday I learned at the Parish Mass (not the campus one) that Jesus' GREATEST miracle was eating with poor people, and allowing a woman to touch him "without going 'HARRUMPH!!!'" It would seem that the Gospel reading means we are getting it all wrong when we go around talking about miracles, and that Jesus performed them principally to mislead us.

Possibly what Father MEANT to say was that placing all the emphasis on Big Miracles (and little ones, such as the condensation version of the Blessed Mother that is alleged to have appeared at Milton Hospital a few months ago) might cause us to note those things too much, and the "when I was naked, hungry, etc., you cared for me," aspect of the gospel. To THAT I would certainly take no exception.

As it is, however, Father appears to have reopened the "Faith vs. Works" battle we only settled with the Lutherans a few years ago, and he appears to have come down entirely on the side of the Lutheran caricature of the Catholic position. I never thought I would hear a Catholic priest call anything other than the Resurrection and the Eucharist the "greatest" miracles.


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